Engineered in Australia using natural ingredients that are targeted to restore the body after physical activity to aid in recovery.
Recover the right way with FITBOD Scrub
FITBOD Scrub is the first Australian made body scrub targeted at athletes for faster recovery and rejuvenation of sore muscles.

An athlete's best kept secret - a muscle and fatigue recovery scrub that reveals healthy, glowing skin. Engineered in Melbourne, Australia; FITBOD Scrub is a natural, restorative body scrub that repairs the body after physical activity.

Why is FITBOD Scrub so darn effective? Well, we've formulated a recovery scrub unlike any other that works to banish sore muscles, speed up recovery time and nourish the skin all in one go. When developing FITBOD Scrub, it needed to be moisturising, detoxifying AND repairing to offer what no other scrub could. A blend of organic coconut oil, magnesium sulfate, walnut shell powder and other essential ingredients ensure you get the benefits of a body scrub while repairing fatigued muscles.

You work HARD for your bod, so recover the RIGHT way and get back to moving your bod and doing what you love even faster. Get moisturised, get rejuvenated and get your best skin yet with FITBOD Scrub.

Scientifically Formulated For
‘Forget muscle fatigue and eliminate toxins with FITBOD Scrub's potent, healing ingredients’
Magnesium Sulfate
Epsom Salt

Your skin is your largest organ and soaks up what it comes into contact with like a sponge. When skin and FITBOD Scrub meet, your bod feels instantly detoxified, reenergised and moisturised.

Magnesium sulfate, or epsom salts, work in two steps; detoxification, then absorption. The best way to experience the effects of magnesium sulfate is through a soak. So whenever you're in the mood for a wind down; fill the tub, light some candles and keep a bag of FITBOD Scrub handy.

After filling the tub, sprinkle in a heap of FITBOD Scrub and soak for at least 10 minutes to pull toxins out of the body. Follow this with a further 10-15 minutes of soaking to allow the body to absorb its detoxifying minerals. Experience an instant reduction in inflammation, improved blood flow and send oxygen through the body.

‘Forget muscle fatigue and eliminate toxins with FITBOD Scrub's potent, healing ingredients’
Arnica Montana
Flower Extract

Our secret weapon and a powerhouse for healing swelling, bruising, aches and pains. This extract will have you glowing from the inside out.

After breaking a serious sweat, pains and aches are sometimes inevitable. The fast pain relief arnica extract provides will have you reaching for your FITBOD Scrub on the daily! Used as a natural means of pain relief, professional athletes and the like use arnica extract to treat injury and post workout soreness

‘We're natural, we're organic and we're here to soothe your sore bod’
Cocos Nucifera Oil
Coconut Oil

The ultimate remedy for dry, lifeless skin; a few drops of coconut oil will transform your bod. The coconut oil in FITBOD Scrub melts into the skin and provides deep nourishment making it the optimal natural moisturiser. When mixed with walnut shell powder, this combination removes dead skin cells while softening the skin. Not to forget its anti-ageing properties, the vitamin E in coconut oil combats the onset of wrinkling and fine lines.

Juglans Regia
Walnut Shell Powder

Gentle but effective; the walnut shell in our FITBOD Scrub formula buffs away dead skin cells while revealing fresh, even skin tone. Not just for face scrubs, your body deserves some lovin' too! We finely grind down the walnut shell to give you instant, natural exfoliation. Exfoliation improves skin texture while brightening dull skin. Not only will you notice improvement in your skin tone and texture; you'll also boost lymph flow and blood circulation throughout the bod!

Backhousia Leaf Oil
Lemon Myrtle

Hard to pronounce but easy to love, backhousia citriodora is a citrus scented plant renowned for aiding in fatigue and headaches. Otherwise known as lemon myrtle, this ingredient is a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties. Another perk of this essential oil is its citrus scent and ability to relax the mind and improve on sleep quality.

Sunflower Seed Oil
The Seed of All Seeds

After researching into sunflower seed oil's powerful yet gentle properties (often found in baby products!), we had to add in a good dose to our latest formula. This is the other essential oil we couldn't not add to FITBOD Scrub. Densely rich in vitamin E, A, C and D and renowned for its antioxidant effects, sunflower seed oil is used in treatment for the face, body and hair. This hydrating oil is proactive against the likes of acne, eczema, scarring, redness and irritation. Not to mention its repairing agents; sunflower seed oil is linked to regenerating cells and improving skin health, AKA anti-ageing properties!

  • Scrub up and experience
  • An iridescent glow
  • A mini vacay for your muscles
  • A dose of hydration
  • Baby butt skin
We got 99 problems but dry skin ain't one
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